ALFAtron PA100W
PA100W is a compact-size digital amplifier (Class-D) with 3 inputs (1 L+R stereo audio, 1 analog audio, 1 optical fiber audio). It features switchable stereo 2x50Watt@8Ohm or mono 1x100Watt@4Ohm output, and boasts complete EQ adjustment and intuitive work status display, making it an ideal addition to a classroom or conference room application.


  • 3 audio inputs: 1 L+R stereo, 1 analog, 1 optical fiber
  • Switchable stereo / mono output
  • Complete EQ management: including LINE, BASS, TREBLE
  • Easy volume adjustment via a rotary knob
  • Audio loop output
  • Intuitive LED indicators for input source, control and volume setting
  • Controllable via RS232, IR, TCP/IP 
  • Web-based GUI
  • Power off memory



PA100W Dimensions
PA100W Product Manual